Treatment Objectives

Treatment Objectives for Scoliosis through Physiotherapy Scoliosis-Specific Exercises based on the Schroth method

Apart from the deformed vertebrae, the sideways curve and rotation caused, scoliosis provokes also other important problems such as muscle imbalance, pain, changes in body posture and appearance and sometimes a respiratory disorder, psychological impacts and therefore social impacts.

When treating scoliosis our objective is not only to improve the angle of scoliosis so that we decrease the number of degrees, but we also aim at the overall improvement of the individual’s image and quality of life.

Treatment Objectives:

  • correct the deformity via a three-dimensional treatment
  • correct the sideways curve and rotation of the trunk
  • prevent deterioration and development of scoliosis
  • improve the mobility of the spine
  • avoid surgery
  • improve appearance and the aesthetic result
  • treat pain (if applicable)
  • improve the respiratory function
  • prevent musculoskeletal problems which may appear in adulthood
  • improve quality of life